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Dave Razor

Multi-Media Artist

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I'm Dave Razor. I like to experiment with new technology, theories and software to communicate my thoughts in a visual way. I'm a motion designer and animator by trade, but I have the soul of a visual anarchist. I use computers to express myself, but I sometimes feel like I'm losing my humanity. I've built everything I have by merging with machines, and I utilize everything I can get, all that Adobe has to offer, Cinema 4d, Houdini, Unreal, Notch FX (to name a few applications I use) and anything machine learning. I started to see what the machine sees. I see the images in my mind. I can move them around, edit and change them. I could draw with light. The machine became the proverbial pencil in my hand , the paintbrush in my hand. The software was an extension of my mind. I am one with the machine. I am no longer an observer, but an artist, who has a medium to express my feelings, my inner voice, my art. With machines I am free to create.

October 21 & 22, 2022 » 7:00 PM » $51

The Weidner Center

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