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The Unhinged Exhibition features a diverse array of commissioned work by artists from across disciplines to deliver an unforgettable immersive experience. 

Introducing UNHINGED Artists

in no particular order »

Yuri Lane.jpg

Yuri Basho Lane

Traveling Snake Show.jpg

Traveling Snake Show

Roy Meyer Violin.jpg

Roy Meyer

Medicine-Bear-Singers-Awaehsaeh-Meskihiw - Harold Katchenago.jpg

Medicine Bear Singers

Malachi Squires.jpg

Malachi Squires

Ace Champion.jpg

Ace Champion

Lee the Hulk God.jpg

Lee the Hulk God


Water Street Dance Milwaukee

Shanna Koltz Photography_.jpg

Shanna Koltz

Ralph R Tutwiler.jpg

Ralph R Tutwiler

The Game Show Guys.jpg

Noah Simon, Anderson Lawfer & James Anthony Zoccoli

Martha Marvel-Trans-Coalition.jpg

The Trans Coalition
(Martha Marvel)

Luv Seamon.jpg

Luv Joy Seamon

Kelli Strickland.jpg

Kelli Strickland

Kent Hutchison.jpg

Kent Hutchison

Scott Hill.jpg

Scott Hill

Jyll Everman.jpg

Jyll Everman

Janel Hutchison.jpg

Janel Meindersee

Jason Cardinal.jpg

Jason Cardinal

Brandon Langer.jpg

Green Bay Print Shop

D Vaughn Holt.jpg

D Vaughn Holt

David Damkehler.jpg

David Damkehler

Cody Cottrell.jpg

Cody Cottrell

Christine Style.jpg

Christine Style

Emily Tracey.jpg

EJ Tree

Dave Razor.jpg

Dave Razor

Cujo Hip-Hop.jpg


Casey Early-Krueger.jpg

Casey Early-Krueger

Beau Thomas.jpg

Beau Thomas

Cainen Shooter.jpg

Cainen Shooter

Amanda List.jpg

Amanda List

Andrew Linskens.jpg

Andrew Linskens

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