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Kent Hutchison


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Kent Hutchison is a multidisciplinary artist living in Green Bay, Wisconsin, who has been creating sculptures and paintings for over 15 years. He commits much of his time toward developing the area's public art scene. He believes art, or at least artistic thought, should be employed everywhere all the time which is why he engages in interdisciplinary initiatives such as the STEAM Engine in Green Bay. 
The subjects for Kent's work range from animals and humans to abstract representations of emotion and energy. Kent derives much of his inspiration for his work by critically observing nature.


“Nature provides for us a vantage point from which we can begin to conceive of the concept of truth. Humans have developed a superficial construct of reality which prevents us from recognizing our natural state as animals. I'm compelled to create work that attempts to understanding both our human nature and the artificial constructs that drive us further from it."

October 21 & 22, 2022 » 7:00 PM » $51

The Weidner Center

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